The Meat Hand

Perfect for Halloween, this dish is a regular meatloaf made into the shape of a hand! Not Martha has the instructions for several different versions, depending on how badly you want to creep out your dinner guests. Link -via reddit

Featured Costume: The Price is Right

Jamie C and Lucas are costestants on The Price is Right, complete with their estimates!

In Baltimore, they go ALL OUT for Halloween. We had to get creative and make our costumes.

We got crafty and with just boxes, paint and tape we created Price is Right Costumes.
I see that Jamie pulled a dirty trick and outguessed Lucas by one dollar. Way to go, Jamie!

18 Great 90s-Inspired Halloween Costumes for Girls

From Daria to Clueless to Gwen Stefani, this great Buzzfeed article has all kinds of great ideas for girls who grew up in the 90’s and those who just happen to love the decade. Two of the costumes are technically from the 80’s, but they were both from movies girls of the 90’s simply adored (The Labyrinth and Beetlejuice), so they still have their place in this article.

While I was always a huge fan of Hocus Pocus and The Craft as a girl, I think I’d much rather go as Log Lady from Twin Peaks because it’s hard to come up with a more eccentricly hilarious 90’s Halloween costume.

The 13 Best Geek Halloween Costumes

Still looking for the perfect Halloween costume that really expresses your interests? Well, if you’re looking for something nerdy, geeky or dorky, we’ve got you covered with this ultimate guide to geeky Halloween costumes.

Best Costume Based Around A Wheelchair: Darth Vader Tie Fighter

If you thought wheelchair-bound people couldn’t have any fun on Halloween, think again. This tie fighter costume takes advantage of the chair and incorporates it into an undeniably cool Star Wars costume.

Best Geeky Pregnancy Costume: Darth Vader With Death Star

The Darth Vader with his Death Star costume might not be the most elaborate Star Wars costume, but it makes up for lack of complexity with comfort and the use of the baby bump to fill in the Death Star is just brilliant.

Best Utterly Insane Star Wars Costume: Luke Skywalker on A Tauntaun

We’ve all seen our share of hokey, horse-riding costumes, but using expansion foam to construct an incredibly realistic looking tauntaun with Luke Skywalker on top is a whole different story.

Best Transformers Costume: Transforming Transformer

Video link

There are tons of Transformers costumes out there and while most of them are pretty cool, few of them look so convincing when transformed into a car.

The Top Ten Ghost Ships

The term ghost ship can refer to a mysterious apparition of a ship when a ship is not really there, or it can refer to an abandoned ship found with no crew or passengers, usually under mysterious circumstances. Both kinds are listed in these ten stories spooky enough to share with anyone to whom you want to give nightmares. Pictured is the Baychimo, used in Arctic waters until it became trapped in ice in 1931. The crew was airlifted and the ship abandoned. However, the boat survived to mysteriously float on its own for decades. It was last seen in 1969. Link -via Unique Daily